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Aktiv Audio Barrel 2 Speaker

Aktiv Audio Barrel 2 Speaker

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Hear it, Feel it!

Elevate your sound experience with the 40W -- Aktiv Audio Barrel2. The 360º speaker bounces back the sound wave in all corners of the room, elevating your music energy to another level. Switch the music tone according to your hearing preference with its 3-mode equalizer.

The vibrant LED color touch dial volume control provides a retro feel, yet modern.

Pair with another Barrel2 for double the power at 80W with its Twin Tech engine. The IPX6 rating gives you the freedom to use it anywhere -- be it hosting a pool party at the beach, or any other outdoor environment, your speaker is safe.

Up to 20 hours playback time (depending on volume), with 3.5mm AUX output, microSD card slot for external music source and a USB port that serves as backup power bank for your phone.

Model: AT-BRL2

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